Ford Motorcraft FlexiBoot Kits (MLI 324) – New repair product to support Ford Older Vehicle Strategy.

Ford Motorcraft FlexiBoot Kits (MLI 324) – New repair product to support Ford Older Vehicle Strategy.

Product details
Ford has recently introduced a completely new and simplified repair solution for replacing the outer CV joint boot for an extensive range of older Ford vehicle applications. The Ford Motorcraft FlexiBoot itself is made from an elastic neoprene material, which can be stretched by up to 600 % in combination with a pneumatic service tool. This technology enables the outer boot replacement without dismantling the axle shaft as it is simply stretched out and slipped over the joint! In comparison to the Ford OE repair procedure where the complete axle shaft has to be removed and further dismantled, this leads to a significantly reduced labour time saving in  average 0.6 hrs. and an overall reduced repair cost for your customers.

High performance standards
Ford Motorcraft FlexiBoots are designed to last up to 120.000 km by passing the passenger car durability tests on Ford testing grounds. The FlexiBoot Kits are supplied complete, including a special sealing and clamps for a high quality repair. Further they contain the right amount of grease necessary for the life-cycle lubrication.

Special service tool available
In order to be able to benefit from the simplified repair procedure an especially devel­oped pneumatic service tool is required to stretch the FlexiBoot out and slip it over the axle shaft.
The tool can be ordered directly at Bosch or via the Ford WEB shop (Article No. 205­1041) by
clicking on the following link: Ford Web Shop

Program highlights
• Newly developed repair solution for older Ford vehicles
• Extended product range – majority of older Ford models are covered
• Low program complexity (9 kits covering 63 vehicle applications)
• Supplied complete with special sealing, clamps and grease
• Durability tested (designed for up to 120.000 km)

How to benefit?
• Offer your customers high quality repairs at very attractive price levels

Please contact your dealer for latest prices!

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