Ford Motorcraft Bulb Box (MLI 598)

Ford Motorcraft Bulb Box (MLI 598)

It is now possible to obtain a low-priced common bulb box to replace old faulty units. The following sets are now available: one box contains one H4 halogen bulb (low and high-beam lights combined) and the other box contains a H7 bulb (low-beam) and a H1 bulb (high-beam).

Ideally you should present these new bulb box sets to your customers ­directly in the entrance area of your business. Did you know? In some EU countries such as France and Italy, it is mandatory for drivers to carry a spare bulb set in their vehicle at all times!

Product benefits 

  • High-precision manufacturing and exacting quality standards.
  • They guarantee perfect illumination of the roadway.
  • They don’t dazzle oncoming traffic.
  • They satisfy the ECE standard R37.
  • Attractive additional business with little effort.
  • Economical all-inclusive price offer.
  • Its compact size means the box fits in any glove compartment.

Most important facts

  • Two boxes H4 and H7/H1.
  • OEM quality.
  • Bulbs satisfy Ford’s exacting specifications.
  • Obligation or recommendation to carry spare bulb kits for some EU countries is fulfilled.


  • 1 x H4 or 1 x H7 +1 x H1
  • 1 x parking light bulb
  • 1 x blinker bulb
  • 1 x single filament bulb
  • 1 x double filament bulb

Please contact your dealer for latest prices!

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